Solar Irrigation Pump

Our Solar Irrigation Pump has three main parts:

  • The PV panel, an 80W solar panel to convert sunlight into electrical energy; the motor.
  • A specially designed DC motor to use the electrical energy to turn the flywheel
  • And the pump, a reciprocal piston pump to draw water out of a well, river or lake


  • No fuel or electricity costs
  • Durable, Plug-and-Play, Easy-to-operate-and-maintain, No Installation Fee
  • Lifts 2,500 litres/hr at 1m, 1,600 litres/hr at 6m
  • Pumps enough to irrigate around an acre
  • Farmer-fixable (similar complexity to a bicycle)
  • Can lift water over 10m
  • Inlet and outlet pipes are 1.25’ diameter
  • Removable PV panel reduces theft risk
  • 2-year warranty support